UTSPSM15: Work (labour)


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  • Edited by Dr. Natalya Hughes

    "An emerging truism of photography and media education in this country is that they are struggling for relevance. This cliché is often anecdotally linked to the increasing abundance of images; a result of the image’s proliferation and mass circulation in a world where ‘everyone is a photographer’ and every hand held device enables a practice both photographic and media savvy. For some, this proliferation of images has produced a sense of crisis.
    All of the 27 projects represented here treat photography and the image in the expanded field. Some projects might be considered ‘straight photography’, emphasising the fundamental qualities of the medium. But even then they span documentary, fashion, portraiture and genres harder to name, so are more comfortably labelled as instances of ‘fine art photography’. Some projects explore analogue processes; some engage the digital. Some have deployed or anticipated images and media in instances of performance, installation, and other material engagements. Some are sculptural, some use sound, and many are moving image.
    As image scholars such as James Elkins have noted, images – whether digital, analogue, abstract, figurative, screen-based, embedded in objects, commercially motivated, or at home in a museum context – are complex forms of knowledge."
— Dr. Natalya Hughes, From work comes satisfaction