UTSPSM15: Honours


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Other Info

  • Edited by Dr. Natalya Hughes
  • Exhibition photography: Jason Oeurn

    "A series of essays by independently selected writers (commissioned by the four students whose works feature in the exhibition) as well as a selection of images that best represent their dynamic projects. [...] If there is a commonality shared by Akil Ahamat’s Theatre of Compassion, Eliza Ackland’s Temporal Body, Jason Oeurn’s Home and Madeleine Hill’s I Kept Coming Back it is not to be found by way of medium (though each project is image focussed), genre, theme or even theoretical approach. What is shared is a strong sense of practice that comes from a sustained and informed investigation. Each student has developed a criticality in the face of what one makes and for whom." — Dr. Natalya Hughes
    A brochure that folds out into a poster was produced for this exhibition, featuring the works of four honours students in the UTS Photography and Situated Media graduating class of 2015.