Sydney Architecture Festival: Open Agenda


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    Open Agenda is an annual competition aimed at supporting a new generation of experimental architecture. This year’s event was held at the Paramount Pictures building in Surry Hills, Sydney. Open Agenda focuses primarily on the approaches to design research and explores the breadth of issues in contemporary architecture. It also seeks to revive a space of intellectual and spatial enquiry through architecture.
    It’s not only an exhibition, but also a platform for this form of critical architectural work and for three emerging Australian voices that will continue to redefine architecture and its relevance into the future.
    A visual identity was developed and a set of elegant materials which embodies Open Agenda’s philosophy in design and structure. Using black stock with silver ink, the square piece folds out into a poster. The natural response to folding and unfolding provides the viewer with a sense of mystery and intrigue, along with a subtle experience of ‘construction’. By contrasting highly structured silver type against deep black, this forced shapes and forms to emerge from a dark void. The result is a sensual visual experience though simplicity, form and elegance.