Process: UTS Fashion


  • Art direction
  • Book design
  • Signage
  • Invitations
  • Digital advertising
  • Social media

Other Info

  • Photography: Liz Ham
  • Stylist: Jolyon Mason
  • Hair and makeup: Sophie Roberts
  • Models: Matthew, Maisie and Lara

    The Fashion & Textiles Program at the University of Technology, Sydney has a reputation of being one of Australia’s most innovative fashion degree courses. With an emphasis on the development of individual creativity, UTS graduates are best known for their creativity and design innovation. This year’s graduation event was spearheaded by the notion of ‘Process'.
    Their collections comment upon societal, cultural and aesthetic change. This publication focuses not only on completed fashion garments produced through a year of dedicated study, but also the process through which the designers have travelled. It reflects the depth of knowledge and creativity that is cultivated within the Fashion and Textiles Program.
    The emphasis on the process through which the designers go through reframes the work in relation to fashion, design, art, science and society. These are designers who by thinking in a holistic and open manner address local as well as global issues in ways that go well beyond fashion itself.
— Armando Chant