DUO: UTS Fashion


  • Art direction
  • Book design
  • Signage
  • Invitations
  • Digital advertising
  • Social media

Other Info

  • Photography: Jo Duck
  • Stylist: Rebecca Caratti
  • Hair and makeup: Alison Boyle
  • Producer: Jane Robinson
  • Models: Leni and Brandon
  • Runway design: Frank Minnaërt

    The Fashion & Textiles Program at the University of Technology, Sydney has a reputation of being one of Australia’s most innovative fashion degree courses. With an emphasis on the development of individual creativity, UTS graduates are best known for their creativity and design innovation.
    This year’s graduation event was spearheaded by the notion of ‘Duo’. DUO is a creative work performed by two people together. The figure of two to represent one – a double yet seen together.
    This conceptual motif of the double figure illustrates something intrinsic to an emerging creative identity. That is the projective duality of aspiration – what we are now and what we hope to become.